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Target Brands and Manufactures from New Zealand and Australia.
Display Products from New Zealand, Australia.
Events and Activities During the Exhibition
Festivals, seminars promoting the products
Online and offline promotion
Co-operation between Chamber of Commence, and local Government

World Quality Brands Display New Zealand, Australia

Brands Awareness and Promotion

  • Showcase New Zealand, Australia Brands and Products
  • Chinese customers can experience the Products during the display
  • Introduction of the Products to local Distributors in China

Popular Brands on display from New Zealand, Australia

  • Display Popular and Potential Bands and Manufactures from New Zealand, Australia
  • Manufactures interested in discussions with distributors in China

New Zealand Products


  • New Zealand has the right conditions and expertise when it comes to creating exceptional food and wine.
  • Products range from traditional pastries, honey and confectionery to new taste sensations. Also oils, luxury ice creams, cheeses, organic soups, and beverages such as energy drinks, organic juices and boutique beers and avocado oil.
  • New Zealand honey with its healing properties range from the established Manuka Honey but also rewa, kamahi and pohutukawa too. In the year to December 2014, New Zealand honey exports were valued at NZ$202 million.

Manuka Honey

  • New Zealand Manuka Honey now plays a role in mainstream medicine, helping to heal wounds by reducing infection, promoting wound tissue regrowth and providing an ideal, moist wound-healing environment.
  • Manuka Honey, a native New Zealand honey, came to prominence in the late 1980s.
  • Today, New Zealand’s Manuka Honey is exported throughout the world for its unique anti-bacterial and health properties.


  • The New Zealand temperate and climate, good rainfall, environmental conditions and healthy pasture are ideal for the Dairy Industry.
  • New Zealand can provide everything from high-quality basics such as butter and cheese, through to gourmet ice cream and specialised ingredients like spray-dried milk proteins. Development of new functional foods (ie low-fat, high calcium and protein milk) and biomedical and biohealth products are also growing trends in the industry.
  • Excellent hygiene and quality technology put New Zealand dairy among the most reliable in the world. You can feel secure consuming products that comply with our rigorous health and safety standards.


  • A focus on healthy animals living in good conditions is at the heart of the New Zealand meat industry.  Pasture-fed and naturally raised meat has a unique, internationally sought-after flavour.
  • New Zealand has a sophisticated meat industry that produces outstanding, pasture-fed and naturally raised meat. The products are tender, flavoursome, healthy and customised for clients around the world.

Sea food

  • It makes sense to consume seafood from an island with a long coastline and enough distance from the major pollution hubs of the world to make it trustworthy.
  • New Zealand’s clear waters produce an abundance of fish and shellfish, which are exported to over 70 different countries.

Wine and Water

  • In a few short decades New Zealand has gone from a practically non-existent wine status to wowing the world in international competitions on a regular basis.
  • Blending a healthy respect for old world wine-making techniques with innovation has resulted in unique wines with purity of flavour across a diverse range of varietals.
  • Wine is now New Zealand’s largest horticultural export by value and is sold in over 80 countries.

Food and Beverage Manufacturing


Events & Activities / Seminars

Events and Activities

  • Brand Introduction and Further discussions on the exhibition
  • Business Co-operation
  • Team building with Consulate Generals within China
  • One on One matching / meeting with distributors
  • New Brands Launching Seminar
  • International New Zealand- China business forums about trade and business cooperation
  • Seminar on Healthcare
  • Showcase of Fine Goods from New Zealand

Healthcare Seminar

The Healthy Hub makes it easy to find health-giving products by gathering them in one spot at the Australasia Lifestyle Centre.

The Healthy Hub will include:

  • Products free from gluten, dairy, refined sugar, preservatives and chemical additives.
  • Raw foods, wholefoods, superfoods, plus vegan, vegetarian and Paleo diet options.
  • Certified organic products, cruelty-free products, and detoxification products.
  • Products and services that promote or support natural health, wellbeing, animal welfare, and environmental responsibility.

NZ Wine Tasting

  • The New Zealand Wine Tasting will host top producers. These will represent 10 main wine regions from New Zealand with a variety of wines available for guests to taste.
  • The diversity of New Zealand wine will be highlighted further through a series of seminars held at the Australasia Lifestyle Centre with topics covering: Regional and Oak Aged Sauvignons, Pinot Noir, Bold Reds, Sparkling Wines, White Wines and Sauvignon Blanc.
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