New Zealand is a land still being shaped by earth’s powerful hand. According to Maori legend, it was the great warrior, Maui, who snared the sun and pulled up the North Island (in the form of a giant fish) out of the ocean while standing on his canoe (the South Island). Surrounded by wild waters, the country’s wide open spaces, great lakes and lush verdant plains are framed by rugged mountains, and offer some of the richest farming land and garden nursery in the world. Snow-fed rivers, clean air, sunshine and open, rolling pastures make New Zealand famous for the quality of its lamb and milk. A place of purity that creates foods of nurture.

Known for clean, green farming practices, New Zealand offers year-round outdoor grazing on rich pastures and especially so in the Central North Island, on the edge of the great Lake Taupo where our farms are located. We know that happy, healthy sheep with plenty of good food and fresh water will result in premium milk, so we make sure that all our sheep are raised on farms which follow this philosophy of care. And we conduct regular testing with the latest technology to ensure that Maui sheep milk always meets our high quality standards. It’s a premium product, created in a premium environment.

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